In every high-school class, there exists a certain category of boys, who are older than the others by a couple of years. This is a universal phenomenon. They are the heros who possess information about the years beyond, which was a mystery to the rest of us. Mysteries like girls – their strange minds and even stranger bodies. The majority of us had absolutely no clue. Therfore, we turned to these apparent seniors for knowledge of the third kind, which they rationed out to us in bits and pieces. I was impatient, having already reached the age of 14 and with many gaps in my understanding of the opposite sex.

One lucky afternoon, during lunch interval, a couple of these senior heros were huddled over a magazine of sorts. Just as the bell rang, they jumped up and hid the contraband behind the public address system in the ceiling of the classroom. When I whispered about this suspicious activity to my best pal Sawyer, he made a right guess “It’s probably naked pictures of adult women!” We then planned to grab it during the next break. For the next 1.5 hours, it was a case of “Can’t Hardly Wait!” through Abraham Master’s Chemistry class and Leonie Teacher’s Biology. Then the sweet sound of the mid-afternoon bell.

As soon as the class was sparse, Sawyer grabbed the magazine from its hiding place, put it inside his shirt and marched straight to the toilets, with me in tow. Qatar John sensed that something interesting was afoot and promptly joined us. Thus the trio walked toward our destiny, leaving innocence behind.

Sawyer had the first go, leaving John and I standing guard just outside the toilet doors. All we could hear were the rustling of papers from inside. With growing impatience, I cursed Sawyer and hurried him out. He and I quickly transfered the magazine under our shirts as I went in.

I went straight to the centrefold, and stared in shock and disbelief. “Oh Noo!!” I cried out; I had not expected to see what I saw. My watch-guards outside panicked at my pandemonium. “Shut up Vincent and come out”. I did not want see anymore and I rushed outside. “This is a tragedy, man! I did not expect this!!” I wailed to my friends.

“What happened? What did you see??” John was wide-eyed, dying with anticipation. Wishing him luck, I passed the book and pushed him in. A few seconds later, we heard screams “Oh Shit! What is this? What is this???” John rushed out, eyes wider than ever, face ashen, as though he’d seen a ghost! This revelation was too much for us young teenagers .

Walking back to class, we consoled each other “Let’s never get married, OK? “. “I am going to become a priest!” I declared. “Maybe a Bishop” chimed in John. And heart-breakingly Sawyer decided to give up his dreams of becoming a Gynaecologist. With heavy hearts, the 3 of us walked into life, fully realising it was not all milk and honey.